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President’s Welcome

Sanigest Internacional was founded to address the challenges of an ever-changing world. Worldwide, pressure for change in the health sector – normally in very unstable settings – is affecting society at large due to turbulent markets, changing demographics and shifting disease patterns. These pressures have forced policymakers to reflect on their strategies, redesign their processes, implement new solutions and manage continuous change in an efficient, cooperative and socially respectful manner.
Since 1998, as one of the leading health care consulting and management companies, Sanigest has successfully collaborated with local and international organizations in the design and implementation of solutions to meet the challenges of the new millennium.
With growing needs developing in other sectors, Sanigest has capitalized on the opportunities available to participate in projects involving the design and implementation of information systems, in social economics and social security reforms for international organizations, governments, suppliers, and financing entities providing health care services.
Our professionals apply in-depth industry experience, while assisting clients to address their unique needs. With over fifty years of practical experience and extensive knowledge, our team of economists, physicians, hospital managers, public health specialists, sociologists, engineers, demographers, and information system technicians is prepared to develop an innovative and integrated solution for our clients.
Sanigest’s guiding objective is to create value for our clients. The combined expertise of our firm in over 300 projects, in more than 60 countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, North America, Asia, Africa and Europe, allows us to fully understand and manage the opportunities, issues, and obstacles facing our clients. We also understand that each country and each client requires our undivided attention to generate a tailor-made solution.

James A. Cercone

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Who we are

Sanigest Internacional is a leading consulting and management company focused on the social sector. Our firm, with offices in San José, Costa Rica; Bratislavia, Slovakia; Miami, USA and recently opened office in Kazakhstan, provides an extensive array of products and services to payors, providers, regulatory authorities and development finance institutions and NGOs, with a special focus on government ministries of health and social security institutions in emerging markets.

Our firm’s guiding principle is to create value for our clients. The combined experience of the company in over 300 projects, spanning more than 60 countries, allows us to develop state-of-the-art analyses and insight for our clients. Our academic rigor, coupled with our commitment to teamwork, ensures that our clients receive the highest-caliber work product and service. Our services cover the following areas:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Poverty Reduction
  • Social Protection
  • Impact Assessment & Household Surveys
  • Water & Sanitation

Why choose us?

Sanigest is a premier health care and social sector consulting firm focused on emerging markets. We understand the industry and provide our clients with high-quality results and insightful support.

Our commitment to high-quality deliverables is supported by a quality assurance culture that fosters systems and processes focused on value for our clients. Sanigest Internacional is certified to the ISO 9001:2008 standard for quality management

What we do?

Sanigest is focused in developing and implementing creative solutions in the healthcare industry in order to achieve its client’s goals. Sanigest approach entails working closely with key management teams composed of economists, physicians, pharmacists, hospital managers, engineers, and architects to assess each client business situation.


  • Realize The Value of Teamwork
  • Focus on Future Goals
  • Take Challenge to any Status
  • Lead by Example from the Front
  • Be Upto Date & Respectful
  • Strive for Quality & Excellence
  • Customer Satisfaction is Priority
  • Great Support for our teams