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Health System Strategy for Priority Disease Areas in Latvia. Latvia

The objective of this project was to develop strategies for the strengthening of the hospital networks, in each municipality based on the best international practices. This was achieved by the application of planning standards for facilities, beds, staff, technology, application of a proposed catchment population for each different level of hospital facility in the network and mapping of access times by level of facility to identify any overlap in the existing network and therefore improve access to specialized services.Sanigest developed this project to reduce the burden of the four priority diseases areas (cardiovascular, cancer, mental diseases and perinatal/maternal conditions) through a reconfiguration of the health network.

For this, we developed models of health infrastructure and human resources maps, as well as proposals for improving the capacity utilization under different service delivery scenarios. Based on this information the firm developed a comprehensive health sector capital investment human resource plan to help tackle the four priority disease areas.

The cartographic data provide the information required to prioritize Latvia’s future infrastructure and human resource investments funded through the European Commission and a plan for maintaining of data collection activities and assessments in the future

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