Financing Higher Education in Belize

Sanigest InternacionalFinancing Higher Education in Belize

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Sanigest produced a comprehensive study of financing a tertiary education system in Belize, examined in detail the financing of tertiary education system; and suggested rationalizing expenditure in tertiary education, and provided a detailed analysis of the management of subsidies to tertiary education.

Sanigest explored the provision of programs and structures from the perspective of the relevance and impact on development and economy. In anticipation of the upcoming National Strategy for Human Resources Development, Sanigest gave some options for the distribution of resources according to the different anticipated levels of priority and assessed the potential for optimization either by (a) increasing efficiency through consolidation and mergers of institutions; and / or (b) strengthening the curriculum. It improved set of recommendations and financial policies to rationalize spending on tertiary education in Belize.

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2012 - 2012


Education, Health Insurance, Information Technology




Latin America & Carribean