Impact of Health Insurance on Access to Health Services

Sanigest InternacionalImpact of Health Insurance on Access to Health Services

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As part of its Global Health Initiative, the Brookings Institution requested the research support from Sanigest to expand the evidence base of the impact of health insurance on access, utilization of care, financial protection, and health outputs/outcomes in low/middle income countries.  The Sanigest team studied the case of Costa Rica, to find evidence for the positive effect of health insurance coverage on medical care use in developing countries, and its impact on health outcomes as measures of population’s health status.  As part of this study the Costa Rica health system was described according to 11 types of insurance categories, and compared in a regional context, together with an analysis of general differences between the insured and the uninsured in parameters such as self-medication, chronic diseases, out-of-pocket expenditures, utilization rates, socioeconomic, and demographic conditions.  Finally, the preliminary results and an analysis of the impact of insurance offered by the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS) were discussed with the client.

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2008 - 2008


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