PPP-Hand Washing Cost-effectiveness Study

Sanigest InternacionalPPP-Hand Washing Cost-effectiveness Study

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Reduction of diseases like diarrhea and respiratory infections in developing countries are two of the most frequents ways of intervention that ministries of health advocate. Hand washing is one of the cheapest alternatives that is promoted to help reduce the burden of disease on children under five years old, with lower costs and great results. On behalf of the World Bank, in 2003, Sanigest took on a project to revise the hand washing interventions to evaluate their benefits and to develop a standardized methodology, transformed on an excel-based platform that could be easily utilized by health ministries or health institutions in developing countries. As part of this endeavor, the Sanigest team also assessed the health and non-health benefits derived from investments in hand washing and the development of PPPs to encourage the roll-out of hand washing programs. Besides developing a clear methodology, the team also applied it to undertake an economic appraisal of one of the hand washing interventions being designed.

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2003 - 2004


Partnership, PPP, Public-Private


Costa Rica, Panama


Latin America & Carribean