Socio Economic Study on Impact of HIV on Households

Sanigest InternacionalSocio Economic Study on Impact of HIV on Households

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Sanigest with support from the UNDP Regional Centre in Colombo proposed to undertake a study of the socio-economic impact of HIV at the household level in Indonesia and identify ways to mitigate them. The study would be based on data collected from an independent primary household survey based on questionnaire, in-depth interviews and focus group discussions and will be supplemented by available secondary data. The analysis included calculation of various summary statistics and regressions where required. Based on the experience of such studies in India and China multistage and cluster sampling will be adopted for the study. The investigation focused on, in detail, the relationship between HIV and income, expenses and wealth (savings, assets etc.); changes in the structure of employment; psychological stress, stigma and discrimination and related morbidity; impact of HV on the education of children in the household; impact on women and girls; impact on time use pattern and labor supply; impact on relationships within family and in the community; and impact on social security such as insurance.

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2011 - 2011


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