Strategies and technologies for effective TB control

Sanigest InternacionalStrategies and technologies for effective TB control

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Tuberculosis (TB) re-emerged as an important public health problem after Moldova’s independence in 1999 and its burden remains high. The overall strategy of the project is to solidify the accomplishments of the directly observed treatment, short-course (DOTS) expansion carried out in the previous years in Moldova by improving the quality of DOTS and addressing the challenges of MDR-TB, TB/HIV, co-infection, and the management capacities of the National Program on Prophylaxis and Control of Tuberculosis (NTP). The project is closely linked to the NTP and is consistent with tis goals to stabilize and reduce the incidence of drug-susceptible and drug-resistant TB, to reduce TB mortality, and to improve case detection and treatment success.

The overall goal of the project is to reduce the burden of tuberculosis in Moldova by investment planning and improvement of TB care delivery system in Moldova in line with the new internationally recommended strategies, approaches, and technologies effective for TB control.

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2011 - 2011


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