Study of Socio-Economic Impact of HIV/AIDS

Sanigest InternacionalStudy of Socio-Economic Impact of HIV/AIDS

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Study of Socio-Economic Impact of HIV/AIDS Epidemic at Household Level in Cambodia

The project was organized around 4 main components. Component 1 (Survey Design) dealt with the design of the study and the implementation of the fieldwork. After a brief assessment of the situation of the country (in those areas of importance for study), the consulting team developed the data collection tools, planned the pilot test and the fieldwork, and prepared the database for analysis. This analysis was conducted in Component 2 (Data Analysis), where the results of the survey were analyzed and disseminated among key stakeholders. After discussing results, the project entered into Component 3 (Policy Options) activities, were policy options were developed and shared with relevant groups. Finally, Component 4 (Involvement in Outreach Activities) was a global component in conjunction with the UNDP in media outreach activities.

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2008 - 2007


Consulting Services, Impact Evaluation