Health system strategy for priority disease areas in Latvia

Sanigest InternacionalHealth system strategy for priority disease areas in Latvia

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Under the umbrella of a Reimbursable Advisory Services (RAS) agreement, Sanigest is providing a wide-ranging set of analytical services to support the National Health Service (NHS) of the Republic of Latvia in its efforts to reduce the burden of the four priority diseases areas (cardiovascular diseases, cancers, mental diseases and perinatal and maternal conditions). More specifically, we aim to assist the NHS to: (i) identify and quantify the importance of key health system bottlenecks, (ii) identify the underlying problems and causes of observed bottlenecks, and (iii) identify solutions and develop tools to drive their implementation.

As part of the RAS, the NHS, together with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia, have requested the Bank to develop health infrastructure and human resource maps, to assess gaps and other inefficiencies in current capacity utilization. These maps will provide the information required to prioritize Latvia’s future infrastructure and human resource investments funded through the European Commission and a plan for maintaining similar data collection activities and assessments in the future. The purpose of the consultancy was to develop the health infrastructure and human resource maps, as well as proposals for improved capacity utilization under different service delivery scenarios with an accompanying fiscal impact analysis. Based on this information Sanigest is developing a comprehensive health sector capital investment human resource plan to help tackle the four priority disease areas.

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2015 - 2016


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