• cost

    Managing Utility Costs in a Health Care Facility

    With recent changes in health care funding, every organization is looking for ways to slash operating costs and manage energy usage, especially in today’s competitive market. Pinpointing methods to control energy costs has been a priority for facility managers for years, and energy management has been a concern since the energy crisis of the late

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  • safe

    Patient safety in developing and transitional countries

    Studies from a variety of developed countries show that about one in ten patients are harmed while receiving hospital care. The consequences are devastated lives and billions of dollars unnecessarily spent on prolonged hospitalization, loss of income, disability and litigation. However, very little is known about the actual harm that occurs to patients in developing

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  • africa post

    Delivering high quality, low cost care at scale

    Africa’s accelerated growth has infused government, civil and private sectors with renewed vibrancy and confidence. As its economic momentum increases, governments are investing more to deliver the improved healthcare that citizens demand as well as to protect and accelerate their human capital investment. And while each African country will follow a unique path to healthcare

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  • World map

    Geographic Information Systems

    Today, businesses and professionals around the globe in the public and private health sector are using the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to modify current policies of intervention and potentiate the scope of the health care industry. The GIS tool enables the development and implementation of new and innovative ways to support adequate integration of data

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  • belize

    Belize Secondary School Reform

    During the last decade, the Government of Belize strongly committed to increase the  level of financing of the education sector. Between 2000 and 2009, investments in the sector jumped from 5.6 percent of GDP to over 6.2 percent of GDP with secondary school accounting for over 40 percent of the education budget, the highest in

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  • moldova

    Monitoring and Evaluation System for TB and HIV/AIDS project in Moldova

    Case Summary  Moldova, one of the poorest countries in Europe went through an economic and financial crisis during the 1990s, which took a serious toll on the health system. This increased the incidence of TB and HIV/AIDS, which began to approach dangerous levels, threatening the population’s health and the nation’s productivity. To support the Government

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  • kazakstan

    Kazakhstan HIV/AIDS/STIs and TB

    Kazakhstan bears one of the greatest burdens of TB and HIV/AIDS in the Central Asian region (CAR). Distinguished by its large territory and relatively high level of annual per capita income (US $1,200), Kazakhstan has an HIV/AIDS prevalence higher than its four neighboring countries combined. Since the first case was registered in 1987, the number

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