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James A. Cercone
Chief Executive Officer / CEO

President and founder of Sanigest Internacional, James Cercone is a mathematical economist from the University of Michigan with 20 years of experience in public policy and public sector reform with particular emphasis in Latin America, the Caribbean, CIS and Eastern Europe. Over the past 20 years, Mr. Cercone has worked extensively with the World Bank, IDB and other international organizations on a wide range of social and public sector projects. His experience in health insurance and health policy includes projects in more than 60 countries. Many of these projects have been focused on the development of health systems, establishing health insurance and financing reforms, monitoring and evaluation frameworks, the economic analysis of projects and impact evaluations. In 2007, Mr. Cercone was identified by UNAIDS as one of only ten global experts for M&E of HIV projects and he continues to work with the Global Fund and other organizations on the development of M&E systems and impact evaluations. His experience also includes the management of successful IT projects including the development of software for health insurance systems and DRG (provider payment mechanisms) in Bahamas, Belize, Costa Rica, Honduras and Dominican Republic. Mr. Cercone also serves on several high level committees on diverse public policy issues, including inter alia Public Private Partnerships and Global Fund and lectures frequently and publishes extensively on public sector reform, the design and implementation of insurance systems, resource allocation mechanisms, hospital management, contracting and monitoring and evaluation.

Dr. Daniel Bronstein
Senior Health Expert

More than twenty years of experience in clinical services and clinical management in both public and private sectors. Dr. Bronstein also has considerable experience in re-engineering projects of private hospital and clinics aiming at improving quality, productivity and performance, and in the design of standard operational procedures, standardized clinical protocols and manuals. Other relevant professional experience can be found in the areas of emergency services management and costs contention.

Within the public sector, Dr. Bronstein has been part of health sector reform experiences, mainly in the design of benefits packages, scope of services, resource allocation systems, organizational restructuring processes, purchasing schemes implementation, health services provision, contracting management and cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analyses.

Extensive experience in analysis and development of data bases in Excel, SQL Server and Oracle. Designer of Medical and Cost Audit Software Programs.

Etoile Pinder
Consultant, Survey Expert

Over the past twelve years, Ms. Pinder has acquired extensive experience as a consultant focused on social sector services and policies. She most recently worked on a consultancy to implement National Health Insurance in The Bahamas, as part of their movement towards UHC. She oversaw the implementation of a CAPI-survey of over 275 health facilities, 900 health providers and 2,200 patients in Kazakhstan. She conducted a project for an IDB-funded labour project that both conducted new research, through implementation of an establishment survey to analyse training and educational gaps for workers in The Bahamas, as well as analysis of existing Labour Force Surveys. Ms. Pinder led the survey work of a project that conducted the impact evaluation of the Conditional Cash Transfer program, “Programme of Advancement through Health and Education” (P.A.T.H.) in Jamaica, surveying over 5,000 households and analysing the program for targeting and capacity to meet its stated objectives. She assisted in analysing the equity programs of the Ministry of Education in Costa Rica, created the survey instrument to analyse the labour sector in Grenada. In both Myanmar and Cambodia, Ms. Pinder designed the survey instrument, field-work manuals, and enumerator training programs used for a UN-funded project to analyse the socio-economic impact of HIV at the household-level.

Eduardo Campos O.
Strategic Marketing Crowd Ventures Inc.

Chief Marketing Advisor and PMO; with more than 10 years of experience, he has been a Marketing Consultant and Advisor and has marketing experience worldwide that goes from Slovakia, Slovenia and Czech Republic to Costa Rica, USA and Panama. Eduardo also has experience in online marketing and is a Project Manager Officer for Best Hospital Advisor site’s development.

Eduardo is the co-founder of Crowd Ventures Inc., which is a crucial strategic partner for Best Hospital Advisor and main sponsor for and development.

Mr. Campos had worked as business and marketing advisor for Sanigest over 10 years and have being involved into projects related to Healthcare’ software development and Marketing strategies.

Melissa Vega
Chief Strategy Officer

Chief Strategy Officer for Sanigest International, Psychologist and Educator graduated from the Universidad of Costa Rica. Experience in Health Research, Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Human Rights issues. She has served as a consultant developing teaching and training processes on behalf of health experts within the area of education, in particular with regard to social vulnerability, domestic violence and sexual violence against woman intervention. She also has developed expertise in preparing high quality proposals and expressions of interest for the management of projects funded by international organizations such as IDB, World Bank, and she also supports and manages projects in areas such as M&E, Maternal and Child Health, HIV, Capacity Building, Health Reforms, Governance and Health Managers Recruitment Processes. She teaches a Psychology course at Universidad de Costa Rica about Domestic Violence and GBV.

Michal Pothuis

Michal Pothuis, is currently a consultant at Sanigest International. She has an MBA with a concentration in Finance and Economics and Sustainable Development from INCAE Business School in Costa Rica. During the past three years she has participated various project involving impact assessment, industry analysis and social marketing in Costa Rica, Jamaica and Ethiopia. Miss Pothuis has developed experience in business plan preparation, survey preparation, field work planning and implementation.

Ilie Volovei

Mr. Volovei has a BS., Business Finance degree from Portland State University, and a Masters in Public Health. Over the past years Mr. Volovei was involved in healthcare and social projects in countries like: Moldova, Kazakhstan, India, Bahamas. These projects included activities of data collection and analysis, impact evaluation, international benchmarking, budgeting and financing, monitoring and evaluation. Mr. Volovei also has experience in working with the Government of Moldova and international organizations like WB and WHO.

Alexandru GAINA
Public Health, MCH, Epidemiology, Master Planning in healthcare

Senior Consultant, Alexandru Gaina is a seasoned multilingual medical doctor with residency medical training in paediatrics from Medical University in Moldova, with additional studies in the field of public administration from the School of Political and Administrative Studies in Bucharest, Romania, PhD in Epidemiology and Welfare Promotion from the University of Toyama, Japan and Balzan fellowship on health inequalities at UCL, London, UK. Mr. Gaina has 20 years of experience in academic research and healthcare sector reform with particular emphasis in Asia, CIS and Eastern Europe. Over the past 20 years, Mr. Gaina has worked extensively with academic, NGO, UNICEF and other international organizations on a wide range of social and public sector projects.

Msc. Felipe Villalobos
Research Analyst

Research analyst at Sanigest International. Psychologist formed at the University of Costa Rica with more than 6 years of experience in research environments with emphasis on mental health, specific to cognition, neuroscience and neuropsychology; And with continuous use of statistical analysis. Most work has been done at institutes such as the Neuroscience Research Center, the Institute for Psychological Research or the INCAE Business School, where research collaborations have been on various topics, ranging from children to older adults; However, all with the common objective of improving the information or quality of the participants’ health. At Sanigest International, the projects I have participated in include health system development or project impact assessment in countries like Bahamas, El Salvador, Uganda and Guyana.

Fabian Hernandez
Geographer and Cartographer

Fabian Hernandez is currently a consultant at Sanigest International. He is a Geographer with Emphasis on Land Management and Digital Cartography of National University of Costa Rica. During the past years he has participated in projects that involving the Geographic Information Systems. In specific for the impact assessment economic of the different infrastructures and the new service investment in the health sector in Bahamas, Moldova, Jamaica, India, Nicaragua, Kazakhstan, Malawi and Swaziland, Dominican Republic among others. Mr. Hernandez has developed expertise in the evaluation, analysis and proposals for projects in the sector of health.

As a professional responsible of the Geographic Information Systems in Sanigest International, Mr Hernandez has participated in the determination of control groups to surveys, he has given suggestions on changes to health models focused on the location and equipping of medical centers, geographic or demographic elements.

Also Mr. Hernandez is responsible of make maps of the survey results within interdisciplinary teams to have a better reference on the spatial behavior of the studied variables.

Graciela Rojas Zuñiga
Executive assistant - Marketing Coordinator

Marketing coordinator and executive assistant of Sanigest Internacional, Graciela Rojas is a Publicist from the Latina University of Costa Rica also has a degree in International Marketing from the San Marcos University of Costa Rica, with experience mostly in marketing and sales working National and International fields. She’s Highly oriented with 10 + years of experience on Graphic Design, sales, marketing, logistics and advertising. Patience and polite, very good English, written and spoken.  German 70 %. Goal oriented and competitive. Sales, up sale and cross sale experience.  Has worked in different companies as Sales and Marketing coordinator. As well outside Costa Rica like in Germany developing sales and marketing strategists worldwide, preforming  sales as well for the Latin America market  and working  at the same time helping on  training seminars  for different companies in Europe, about how to perform a good sale using a perfect knowledge of strategies, technologic and marketing.

Steven Uba
System Engineer

IT Manager at Sanigest Internacional, Steven Uba is a System Engineer from the Universidad de Costa Rica with 8 years of experience in Technology, Mr. Uba has worked extensively with Sanigest’s Consulting Projects on a wide range of social and public sector. His experience in health information systems and health policy includes projects in Costa Rica and Belice. Many of these projects have been focused on the development of health information systems and monitoring and evaluation systems including the management of successful IT projects like development of software for health insurance systems and DRG (provider payment mechanisms) in Belize. Mr. Uba also controls and maintain all Sanigest’s Servers in the cloud ensuring the proper functioning of the various services offered by the firm like websites, media content servers, email services, databases, accounting software, project management web instances and backup systems.

Noel Vargas Solano
Software Developer

The system developer, Noel is graduated from the University of Costa Rica in the career of Computer Science, which has emphasis on business administration. During his student years he developed several projects, which focused on technologies used today and systems in high demand in today’s market.

In mid-2014 he joined Sanigest International, where he unfolded as a software developer, helping in projects that were being implemented in the company, specifically its work focused on performing a reverse engineering for the NHI System in Belize, which is responsible for managing health system in this country, just as today he is involved in other projects which mostly works, focusing on the health area.

It’s in Sanigest where Mr. Vargas has gained experience in new technologies implemented in software development, as well as issues of health administration.

Jonatan Morales
IT Support

With two years of experience in the IT department at Sanigest Internacional in managing information systems backup, as well as preventive and corrective maintenance of company equipment, automated inventory management , plus installation, monitoring and maintenance of company’s security equipment.
Besides testing the IT projects of the company.

Laura Gutierrez L.
Administrative/Financial Director

Sanigest international, Laura Gutiérrez is business administrator with emphasis in finance and banking from the Fidelitas University of Costa Rica with 20 years of experience. In the last 15 years, Ms. Gutiérrez has worked as Manager of finance and administration in different fields such as shipping, high-tech, education and construction companies. Many of these required management skills of leadership, organization. Since 2013, she has worked as Financial and administrative director of Sanigest international where she works constantly implementing new goals and objectives for the firm to meet. She has extensive experience in negotiations at national and international level working with Brazilian, Scandinavian, Americans and Argentines people, which has allowed a leadership capacity to manage projects, monitoring equipment and inspire confidence. Her strongest skills are targeted results, objectives to innovate, make decisions and solve problems. Quick learning and versatility to cope with changes. With a lot of dedication and motivation towards teamwork.

Fabiola Grant S.
Quality Assurance Manager

More than fourteen years of experience in Sanigest International, as part of its tasks, she has accumulated experience in the preparation of bids for international organizations like the World Bank and the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB) and the organization and planning of events involving Special logistics for development. And the responsibility of the Documentation Centre during the certification process and during implementation of ISO-9001: 2008, since 2009 assumed the responsibilities of the Department of Quality Assurance, also serving as Management Representative for processes ISO 9001, maintains contact with the accrediting body, coordinates internal and external audits planned for the period, monitors progress indicators of quality and generates reports on the results to be presented to senior management. Administrative support human resources, payroll and CCSS INS report. Coordinating travel consultants. Support accounting, bank reconciliations, tax procedures, records Quickbooks.

Korin Esquivel
Proposal Development Support

korin More than 20 years of experience in planning and organizing workshops to multilateral organizations, in Sanigest International, participated supporting many national and international projects focused on the health and social sector. More than 14 years of experience in preparing tenders for international organizations like the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bando, United Nations, governments and private institutions in different regions as Latin America and the Caribbean, Central Asia, Europe, Africa and Asia

Ericka Aguilar
Administrative Assistant

Erika Aguilar is receptionist. Studies English at the University of Costa Rica. Since 1999 she worked as administrative assistant in different fields such as companies from manufacturing, sales and rentals of audiovisual equipment and eye clinics. Many of these require skills for customer service, marketing among others. From September of 2015, she has worked as a receptionist at Sanigest international where she works as an administrative assistant as well providing cooperation to the whole company staff. She has extensive experience customer service, accustomed to work under pressure.