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Twinning Arrangement for Investment Planning in the Health Sector. Master Plan for Hospital Network Optimization: Kazakhstan.

The objective of this project was to develop strategies for the strengthening of the hospital networks, in each Oblast based on the best international practices. This was achieved by the application of planning standards for facilities, beds, staff, technology, application of a proposed catchment population for each different level of hospital facility in the network and mapping of access times by level of facility to identify any overlap in the existing network and therefore improve access to specialized services.

This project provides  a  long‐term  strategy  in  each Oblast  for  the  transition  from  the  current  network,   which   is   characterized   by   over-capacity   and   a   lack   of   hospitals   built   to international  standards,  to  a  modern  network  that  focuses  on  achieving  the  best  health outcomes in the most cost-effective manner.

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