HIV, Malaria and TB


The devastating effects of HIV, Malaria and Tuberculosis touch all aspects of society. Sanigest responds with a flexible and comprehensive approach that recognizes that evidence-based program interventions and long-term sustainability are critical to lasting success. Our work focuses on strengthening health systems to improve the response to the epidemic around the world.

Sanigest applies more than 10 years of public health experience to the epidemics. Our reach extends globally through an extensive network of professionals implementing programs for prevention, care, support, and treatment. We engage and mobilize public and private stakeholders and key decision-makers at all levels to increase impact and ensure maximum accomplishments. Responding to the issues can often be complex, and as such our approach integrates a number of critical considerations including public policy, advocacy, gender, and human rights.

Our involvement has resulted in reformed policies, expanded access to quality treatment, comprehensive prevention and behavior change campaigns, and integrated support services including harmonization with reproductive health, TB, malaria, and education programs.

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Sanigest strengthens the health services necessary to maintain efficient, cost effective and sustainable services for HIV, Malaria and TB: service delivery; pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic technology management; human resources for health; leadership, management, and governance; financing; and information. Our main services included:

  • Comprehensive, integrated health service delivery Sanigest supports coordination and builds capacity at the central, regional, local, and community levels to strengthen the management and service elements that together create a united response to the HIV & AIDS pandemic.
  • Well-functioning Monitoring and Evaluation systems. We strengthen or establish reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable M&E systems for the control of the epidemics.
  • Evaluating the impact of HIV, Malaria and TB programs.Sanigest works with governments and development finance institutions to establish what works on the ground and how to maximize value-for-money in their health systems.
  • Better leadership, management, and governance We foster leadership, promote good governance, and help modernize management so systems run more efficiently. Sanigest has extensive experience in individual performance improvement, organizational capacity-building, and health workforce planning.
  • Solutions for health care financing Sanigest brings 10 years of expertise in performance-based financing, grant management, and costing to support the scale-up and quality improvement of HIV & AIDS services.
  • Essential information Information systems help all those who combat the spread of HIV to make the most of limited resources, expand services, and serve clients better. Sanigest works with partners to design practical systems to collect, use, and share the reliable, timely, and accurate data needed for sound program planning and management, supervision, quality patient care, and case management.

Some projects in this area include:

Malawi: Technical Support for Designing HIV Technical Efficiency Analyses

The aim of this project, Phase 1, is methodological in nature and focused on designing an integrated technical efficiency and WISN analysis in ways that are analytically complementary to each other and developing the protocol and data collection tools to conduct it.
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Mexico: Study on the efficiency of the National HIV/AIDS response

Sanigest reviewed the evidence for HIV resource allocation and evaluated the need to fine tune HIVIAIDS expenditure priorities and strategies at the federal and state level. For this purpose it was important to analyse all the relevant information that allows for a better understanding of the epidemic at the national and state level and for the most-at-risk populations.
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Myanmar: Socioeconomic Impact of HIV at the Household Level

In partnership with relevant national and international partners and the UNDP, Sanigest has initiated a large-scale study designed to critically examine socio-economic impacts of HIV at the household level to support evidence-informed policymaking and programming.
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Costa Rica: Strategy for Universal and Effective Access to Condoms

The Sanigest team performed an analysis of the situation of access to male and female condoms; the analysis began by reviewing the literature in the country and various studies on the subject. Several survey models were developed targeted at young people, men that have sex with men, bisexuals, and transsexuals, as well as NGOs leaders, officials from the Ministry of Health, and officials from other international organizations involved in the HIV/AIDS issue. The work consisted of analysis, update, and adjustment of the strategy of universal access to male and female condoms in Costa Rica.
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Eurasia: Benchmarking the HIV/AIDS Response in ECA countries

The objective of the study was to increase awareness of countries’ ability to deal with the HIV/AIDS epidemic, by measuring their performance in aggregate and in thematic areas based on 46 indicators from 15 former Soviet Union countries.
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