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Water is not only one of life’s essentials; it is also a scarce commodity that must be conserved for future generations. Some recent projections show that by 2025 a number of countries will face absolute freshwater scarcity and many more will face acute, localized, seasonal shortages. An adequate supply of clean water is essential for social and economic development. This in turn requires reliable water supplies and sanitation systems that take into account technical and engineering matters as well as institutional and management issues.

The creation of a favorable legal and regulatory environment is a prerequisite for providing water supply and sanitation services on a sustainable basis. This means:

  • encouraging the establishment of independent regulatory authorities,
  • introducing decentralized decision-making processes,
  • pushing through pricing reforms,
  • implementing the integrated treatment of water resources,
  • passing enforceable laws and regulations,
  • enacting sound sector concepts.

Institutional structures and organizational procedures in the water sector have to be optimized in order to facilitate cost-efficient and target-oriented performance, which is of great importance to public and private investors, and water users. Autonomy, transparency and accountability are crucial for involving the private sector and improving services. Sanigest helps utilize, restructure, and implement modern management and operational procedures by various means, including the introduction of modern software packages to increase overall performance and achieve long-term technical and financial sustainability.

Sustainable water and sanitation services have to respond to water users’ evolving demands. One essential criterion is for communities to manage their own programs. This is only made possible by encouraging local initiatives and integrating consumers into institutional structures. Sanigest addresses these issues by developing and implementing tailor-made solutions for community- managed systems. In addition, Sanigest can assist in public awareness campaigns and sanitation and health education.

Costa Rica: Design and Implementation of a Standardized Methodology of Inspection, Risk Surveillance, and Sanitary Control.

Presently, Sanigest is collaborating with the Ministry of Health of Costa Rica on the design and implementation of a standardized methodology for the inspection, surveillance, and sanitary control of food services, water for human consumption, and mid and low complexity health service and centers. The project is divided among stages. The first stage involves conducting meetings with the institutions participating in the project, such as Acueductos y Alcantarillados (A&A), in order to diagnose the situation and define the needs for developing the methodology. During the second stage, the team will design the standardized methodology, and in the third stage, they will validate it. Finally, at the close of the project, the team will present the methodology and train the key actors who will be involved in its implementation.
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Request for proposal