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Analysis of Financial Statements, Managerial Accounting, Controlling, and Reporting

As part of the multi-faceted services offered by Sanigest, oftentimes the Firm takes on the role as a financial advisor, assisting clients and their financial teams with evaluations, defining future requirements, and offering targeted options for transforming the financing function. The Sanigest professionals can provide help during strategy articulation and implementation, as well as ensure that cost management, process improvement, and risk management brings the benefits the client expects.

From financial organization assessment and redesign to financial system selection and implementation, Sanigest can help strengthen a client’s company reporting, controlling, planning, and budgeting processes. In the finance area, as well as in other practice areas, our consultants have extensive experience in the field, thereby giving our clients’ businesses more accurate and reliable financial information.

Because of constant changes in our clients’ processes and systems, it is our job to help finance executives identify areas for improvement. Sanigest facilitates the implementation and re-engineering of activity based management and other accounting systems. We also guide companies through financial benchmarking and decision support initiatives that demonstrate profit potential with hard numbers. Through these services, clients are provided with tools to measure overall enterprise performance.
As a concrete example, in El Salvador, Sanigest team members conducted an assessment of the Ministry of Health’s institutional capacity, with the purpose of implementing a contracting system to extend services to poorer populations lacking health care services. Analyses were performed to review information system flow, legal procedures, budgetary issues, financial management at the central and provider levels, and contracting procedures with outside providers.

In Slovakia, an ambitious health reform program was launched, which included inter-alia restructuring and changing the ownership status of hospitals, strengthening the health insurance companies, and introducing complementary private insurance. Sanigest held an integral role in assisting the Slovak government with the systematic reform of health care financing and delivery in order to curb the immediate problem of growing arrears and ensure long-term sustainability. Additional efforts executed by the Sanigest professionals included: assessing the status of the existing technical equipment and infrastructure of the hospitals; evaluating the financial situation in each hospital, including the profit/loss, asset/liability and revenue/expenditures situation; conducting a personnel audit; and assessing hospital performance based on a standardized set of indicators.