Hospital Planning and Management

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Sanigest has designed a customized management approach based on its own management philosophies and practices developed over many years. This integral approach concentrates on providing value to patients, staff, and the stakeholders or clients. Patients receive high quality clinical and hotel services and staff gain professional and personal development and job satisfaction, while stakeholders attain effective management to support their own vision for the hospital, as well as an enhanced return on investment.

For projects focused on hospital management, Sanigest provides a small core team integrated with a corporate team of specialists to facilitate hospital personnel carry out a range of managerial activities, including:

  • Managing all clinical and non-clinical services
  • Defining and implementing operating procedures and practices aimed at ensuring the shortest and smoothest patient flows
  • Achieving the most efficient use of space, staff time, and equipment
  • Ensuring that optimum value is obtained from the HMIS and other automation installed in the hospital
  • Ensuring appropriate staff training programs and clinical governance occur
  • Providing the most effective recruitment programs and skill mix
  • Implementing quality systems and standards based on ISO and JCIA
  • Implementing marketing plans that build the marketing strength of the hospital
  • Providing strategic development plans for long-term value
  • Providing ongoing operational review processes to ensure the hospital stays on track
  • Meeting agreed performance targets

This work applies to public and private hospitals alike. For private hospitals, a template management contract is available to speed up the contract process.

The following examples only briefly exhibit Sanigest’s in-depth experience in assisting clients to appropriately manage their facilities:

  • In Mexico, Sanigest experts are working to design a network of ambulatory haemodialysis clinics for their client Cuidados Renales de Mexico This project includes constant supervision of the overall administration and financial administration of the dialysis center, as well as execution of a contract covering the integrated management of the clinic. Parallel to these activities, Sanigest continues to provide assistance to its client during the negotiations of contracts for subcontracted services.
  • In addition to the extensive experience gained in managing private facilities in Mexico and Costa Rica, Sanigest is now entering into management agreements with facilities in Eastern Europe. Our management team is amply equipped with proven expertise and sound communication skills. The Sanigest professionals are not only impartial and objective when designing personalized solutions for our clients; they are also confident, professional, self- motivated, and capable of implementing change and managing transition at senior levels. Areas in which we can provide high quality interim management services include: financial management, quality assurance, and procurement, among other areas. Overall, Sanigest creates value that can be sustained through knowledge/skill transfer and professional mentoring.