Feasibility Studies and Due Diligence

Sanigest InternacionalInvestment and AdvisoryFeasibility Studies and Due Diligence

Sanigest offers a portfolio of consulting services, spearheading the latest trends in feasibility studies. Our Firm has completed numerous feasibility evaluations in our 15 years as a healthcare consulting company, ensuring that our staff of experts includes individuals who have decades of experience in managing Health System Reforms, auditing executives in the healthcare industry, and overseeing multiple acquisitions and payment mechanisms, facility building projects, and new program developments. Our Team understands that a feasibility analysis is the foundation upon which an organization develops successful programs and expansion.

We provide our clients with comprehensive, robust and the highest quality information for business-critical decision-making. We enhance the probability of success by addressing and mitigating factors that could affect the project early on. We accomplish this together with the development of a strategic plan for the project and translate general ideas into measurable goals.

Our work goes from a desk-level evaluation that can be performed remotely, to an on-site evaluation in the market being studied. It introduces a systematic approach applying cost engineering and cost management principles and proven methodologies, as well as implementing cost-effective tools we have developed over though years of experience. Our approach leads to the most detailed financial projections and sets a solid foundation to take maximum advantage of all potential opportunities.

Our feasibility analyses can be customized to a client’s unique needs and budget in order to evaluate a project, whether it is a new project concept or an operational improvement design. Sanigest utilizes data from a variety of resources for research and analysis including national, regional, proprietary databases, and hospital-provided data. Specific areas reviewed include:

  • Patient demographics/disease states by zip code
  • Admission trends by service line and sub-specialty
  • Market drivers (referrals, satisfaction, geographic impact)
  • Competitive landscape by type
  • Community Needs Assessment analysis including service fulfillment
  • Physician analysis