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In the last decade, there has been increased awareness of the role monitoring and information systems play in the health care sector. In addition, it has been recognized that many developed countries suffer from a “data rich, but information poor” syndrome. In order to transform data into useful information, as well as utilize this information for further actions, there is an incessant need for information systems that can simplify this process. Support of high quality information systems is an integral factor in the success of today’s health professionals.

Sanigest’s experienced consultants specialize in the latest innovations to help manage information effectively and efficiently. With experience in a variety of health care plans, “preferred” vendor relationships, and years in the industry, Sanigest has become a valuable resource for health care organizations.
We realize health information management solutions require more than just expert software, and Sanigest goes beyond this to provide other valuable services, such as process improvement, data analysis, and implementation expertise, along with user training. Sanigest also realizes the users are often major determinants in the success or failure of implementing an information system. The firm is comprised of skilled and experienced staff to assist users to quickly and easily take full advantage of our products.

Sanigest uses many different types of software to help our clients improve their overall performance, including:

  • Geographic information system (GIS) – to map out the geographical distribution of facilities across the country and hospital access times in order to define catchment areas of clients, as well as identify nearby facilities
  • Decision systems (BSC/ABC/Process) – to make decision-making, documentation, billing, physician services, health information management, and clinical resource management easier and more transparent.

The following paragraphs reveal Sanigest’s efforts in implementing information systems and employing software to strengthen clients’ processes and systems.

  • In the Bahamas, Sanigest’s chief endeavor involved implementing the CRIS System at the country level, as well as generating consolidated monitoring and evaluation country reports on HIV/AIDS interventions. To facilitate the implementation of the M&E systems, Sanigest first coordinated with UNAIDS Bahamas to provide technical assistance in M&E based on the CRIS System. A group of Sanigest experts directed a CRIS workshop to train at least 15 executive and technical staff responsible for implementing the HIV/AIDS interventions.
  • Additionally, in Saint Lucia, the National Insurance Corporation solicited the consulting services of Sanigest to enhance the health information management system and communications technology. Sanigest specifically designed an innovative system to track the quality of services delivered in real time, as well as track disease patterns, patient information, diagnosis, procedures, and their costs.